Make Your Party Memorable with the Best Burger Takeout in Arizona

Planning an event can be stressful. Not only do you need to consider all of your guests’ food restrictions and other needs, but you also need to coordinate all of the entertainment, food, seating, and other parts of the party. It can be a lot to juggle!

Fortunately, great local food is just a phone call away. Cold Beers & Cheeseburgers offers the best burger takeout in Arizona. If you are planning an event and would like to cater your party with delicious food made fresh daily, then Cold Beer & Cheeseburgers will be happy to cater your next event. We offer catering options that will exceed your expectations, along with food truck services during parts of the year.

Whether you are planning a birthday party, sporting event, wedding, graduation celebration, fundraiser, holiday party, or something completely different, we can feed you and your guests delicious food from our party menu. Try any of our mouthwatering appetizers and main courses that serve approximately 12 guests per menu item. Cold Beers & Cheeseburgers offers a variety of food choices to satiate any guest to perfection.

Fresh Foods Made Daily

One thing you want your party to be memorable for is the amazing food you offered to your party guests. At Cold Beers & Cheeseburgers, we make our food fresh daily. The burgers are handmade to perfection and made to order, which means your meal is guaranteed to be fresh and hot. All salad dressings are made in-house and can be ordered along with your catering order. The chips are also made in-house and are fresh and ready to add a salty, crunchy snack alongside some amazing meals.

We offer more than just burgers, although we do offer the best burger takeout in Arizona. For those guests who prefer something other than burgers and chips, there are many other choices to pick from. Our menu has delicious food options for those who are vegetarian, such as our Hummus & Pita selection, Fried Pickles, or Garlic Parmesan Fries for starters. We even have Chicken Tenders for those who enjoy the simpler foods.

We offer a variety of macaroni and cheese options to appease those cheese cravings that only an amazing, creamy mac and cheese can satisfy. For those calorie-conscious guests, we offer fresh salad options with dressings made fresh in-house daily. We offer the Classic Caesar and Cobb Salads, a basic House Salad, and an Asian Chicken Salad for those who prefer a sweeter salad choice. We offer Grilled Asparagus Spears for a side or as a snack and freshly made coleslaw. There are so many choices on our catering menu that every guest is bound to be satisfied with their choice.

Extensive Gluten Free Menu Options

Not only do we offer a large variety of food choices so all guests find something to their liking, but we also cater to those with gluten intolerance. We offer an extensive gluten-free menu for your guests who need it, or even for those who don’t. Our gluten-free menu is just as delicious as our regular catering menu, and your guests are bound to enjoy our gluten-free options as much too.

Guests requiring a gluten-free menu can choose from starters such as our Tots, Sweet Tots, or Fries. We offer a variety of fry options, such as our Hell Fire Chips, which have buffalo sauce and blue cheese crumbles on top, or our Garlic Parmesan Fries, both of which are delicious, whether you require a gluten-free option or not. For those who enjoy chicken drumettes, we offer buffalo and BBQ drumette flavors that are both gluten-free and mouth-wateringly delectable. Our drumettes come with fresh veggies for dipping in our house-made ranch or blue cheese dressings.

For those guests wanting one of our famous burgers, they can order it protein-style, which is bun-free, with a side of chips, or we offer gluten-free buns, and you can substitute the chips for another side dish of your choice.

Our salads are gluten-free and are fresh and delicious options. The Asian Chicken Salad comes topped with tortilla chips; has fresh vegetables, such as carrots, cilantro, and green onion; and is topped with a fresh honey-lime vinaigrette. Our Cobb Salad has fresh vegetables, bacon, turkey, blue cheese crumbles, hardboiled eggs, and is topped with avocado and a dressing of your choice, made fresh in-house daily. Whatever your guests enjoy eating, we will have a delicious meal ready for them that will leave them raving.

Food Truck Services

If you’re having an event that is outside and need some delicious catering, consider using our food truck services. It’s available after the football season. We bring fresh and hot food to you with our food truck fleet at your service.

Some venues do not allow food indoors, and some events are held outdoors, which makes it difficult to bring hot and fresh foods to your guests without setting up lots of tables with hot plates or using Sterno cans to make sure the food is always kept hot and at a safe eating temperature.

At Cold Beers & Cheeseburgers, we can cater at your outdoor event and make your guests’ food to order, just like when eating at one of our restaurants. All you need to provide is seating for your guests, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Whether you are looking to cater an event inside or out, we have you covered. With our fresh ingredients and hand-formed burger patties, fresh salad dressings, and house-made chips, your guests will be happily fueled and ready to celebrate, dance, donate, and party their way through the night. If you’re looking for a catering service for your next event, contact us at Cold Beers & Cheeseburgers today to speak with our event coordinator. We will be in touch within 48 hours to discuss pricing and availability for all your party catering needs.

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